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orphan in a sentence

Examples of Orphanage in a sentence. 4. The orphan was taken in by his aunt and uncle. The family gathered in this three-storeyed building, with its back windows looking over the Elbe and its front door opening on a great garden, was latterly Luther and his wife, their three sons and two daughters, Magdelena von Bora, Catherine's aunt, two orphan nieces and a grandniece. 7. The orphan was taken in by his aunt and uncle. Rex was truly an orphan. Many translated example sentences containing "orphan sentence" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. 3. Nerissa, Portia's companion, is a Hispanic orphan. A large number of charitable and other public institutions have been established in the United States and elsewhere by the order, of which may be mentioned the large orphan asylum in Cleveland, the home for the aged and infirm at Yonkers, N.Y., the National Jewish hospital for consumptives at Denver, and the Maimonides library in New York City. Since their parents died in a plane crash, Paul and Kevin would go to an orphanage since no relatives would let them live in their houses. The orphans, though, have lived out an endless curse. An orphan is a child whose parents are both dead. Whatever the case, it is important to understand the proper steps for the care of newborn kittens if you find an orphan newborn kitten who needs help. Traumatized and sickly, she was rescued and today lives with other orphan chimps at the new island sanctuary. By acts of 1903 child labour under 12 years is forbidden in any factory unless for support of "a widowed mother or aged or disabled father," or unless the child is an indigent orphan; "no child under the age of ten years shall be so employed under any circumstances.". I am sick with [name a dreadful disease] and [insert status: orphan, widow, poor person - something to tug at your heart strings. Definition of Orphan. (1) Success has many fathers, while failure is an, (2) Success has many fathers, but failure is an, (11) The child has been ill-treated in the, (19) Here, she tells the story of Mud( ), an, (20) When his parents were killed in an accident, he became an, (21) Having no children of their own they decided to adopt an, (22) Miss Diana gave away all her castoffs to the little girls in the, (23) The children's home is sending us one of their, (24) Jules paced beside her and said nothing at all, imagining no doubt that she was a poor little, (25) In order to catch a few babies, trappers will frequently kill whole families and the, (26) They Survey the huddled women briefly, then Stare at the, (27) Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an, (28) If he could have known that he was a workhouse, (29) A brief discussion of how to control the page layout and how to avoid widow and, (30) It may well be that the better education of, (3) When his parents were killed in an accident, he became an. Between 1854 and 1904 orphan trains carried an estimated 100,000 children to families on farms in the Midwest; these children were to provide farm work in exchange for care. But he never left Sparkford, though the contrary has been maintained, until he resigned all his curacies in June 1783, and returned to Wales, marrying (on August loth) Sarah Jones of Bala, the orphan of a flourishing shopkeeper. Confucius says truly, "Virtue does not remain as an abandoned orphan; it must of necessity have neighbors.". Jacob Duche, like Clowes at Manchester, preached the doctrines from his own pulpit. At Cramer & Co ., we love orphans, Now she was the noble widow and I the gallant orphan. stroppy teen doesn't seem too concerned over the deaths: " I was an orphan the day I was born! 3 And still greater is the difference between the children of labourers and the orphan children. and the Oxyrhynchus Saying, " except ye fast from the world "); and next, as a counsel of perfection, a fast to yield somewhat for the relief of the widow and orphan, that this extra " service " may be to God for a " sacrifice.". Being left an orphan at an early age, he became a soldier of fortune, and served first in the papal guard and then under various Italian princes. The Royal Hibernian military school in Phoenix Park (1765) provides for soldiers' orphan sons. His father fell at the battle of Pinkie (1547), fighting in the van of the Scottish army, and, his wife having died soon after, the orphan was cared for by his eldest brother Richard (1522-1575). I hear they're raisin' money up to Boston to give to the widders and orphans. also a number of private charitable institutions, the oldest being the Bethesda orphan asylum, near Savannah, founded by George Whitefield in 1739. Orphanage in a Sentence Prev Word Next Word . A few days after his arrival at Agen he fell in love with a charming orphan of thirteen, Andiette de Rogues Lobejac. Dolokhov was a suitable and in some respects a brilliant match for the dowerless, orphan girl. Remembering the terms. He had always been an orphan. Project check ignored orphan block file(s). In 1584 the long-suffering earl of Shrewsbury was relieved of his fourteen years' charge through the involuntary good offices of his wife, whose daughter by her first husband had married a brother of Darnley; and their orphan child Arabella, born in England, of royal descent on the father's side, was now, in the hopeful view of her grandmother, a more plausible claimant than the king or queen of Scots to the inheritance of the English throne. In the city are St Vincent's Orphan Home 0875) and St Mary's Hospital (1874) under the Sisters of Charity, a Woman's Hospital (1888) and the Saginaw General Hospital 1 Mr Sage's secretary was also killed, and one of his clerks, W. PAOLO SARPI (1552-1623), Venetian patriot, scholar and church reformer, was born at Venice, on the 14th of August 1552, and was the son of a small trader, who left him an orphan at an early age. They adopted an orphan as an heir. They decide to employ a boy to help them with the duties on their farm and approach the orphan asylum for suggestions. The orphans will not want protectors. At an early age he was left a penniless orphan, and his education was acquired in a small country school until he procured, mainly by his own energy, a nomination to the Military Academy. in a sentence. But reckon up on this day what thy meal would otherwise have cost thee, and give the amount that it comes to to some poor widow or orphan, or to the poor.". Between 1881 and 1898 the chief increases took place in the endowments of hospitals; orphan asylums; infant asylums; poorhouses; almshouses; voluntary workhouses; and institutes for the blind. Do you want to have adopted a tsunami orphan away from that culture and deny a mother the chance of re-finding her baby? orphan. Synonym: orphaned . French orphan Hugo lives at a train station and spends all of his extra time trying to get a tiny little robot that used to be his father's to operate and move. It is an orphan specification, the prime justification is squeezing the last penny out of the cost of modem hardware. No Presbyterian orphan child now needs to seek workhouse relief. How to use orphan in a sentence. Are orphans of the earthly love and heavenly. north of the city, at what was formerly called Botetourt Springs (there is a sulphur spring), is Hollins Institute (1842) for girls; and in the city are the National Business College, the City Hospital (1899), private hospitals, and St Vincent's Orphan Asylum (1893) for boys, under the Sisters of Charity. A common mnemonic is "An orphan has no past; a widow has no future" or "An orphan is left behind, whereas a widow must go on alone". Among the principal buildings are the state capitol, the state library, the city hall, the county court-house, the post-office, the Fowler public library, the state hospital, the state prison, the Centennial home for the aged, the Margaret Pillsbury memorial hospital, the Rolfe and Rumford asylum for orphan girls, founded by the countess Rumford, and several fine churches, including the Christian Science church built by Mrs Eddy. Left an orphan at the age of eleven, he worked for a time at his father's trade. 84+3 sentence examples: 1. Her "Presbyterian Orphan Society" undertakes the support of every poor orphan child throughout the Church. Although left an orphan at nine, he was by no means lonely or unprotected. Annie: This musical about a lovable orphan and her dog Sandy was a record breaker on Broadway, debuting to great acclaim and spawning two movie versions. Left an orphan at the age of nine, he early entered journalism, and, in banking and railway enterprises, accumulated a considerable fortune. That would almost be impossible to rectify, especially with very skinny columns. Among the principal buildings are the county court house, city hall, commercial building, United States naval hospital, post office building, high school and the Portsmouth orphan asylum, King's Daughters' hospital and the old Trinity Church (1762). Left an orphan at the early age of thirteen, he was sent to the gymnasium at Ilefeld, and passed thence (1722), in poorest circumstances, to the university of Jena to study law. He calls the people to repentance, and he enforces the call by proclaiming the approach of Yahweh in judgment against Lhe sorcerers, the adulterers, the false swearers, the oppressors of the poor, the orphan and the stranger. German Translation of “orphan” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. You are never the poorer for all the orphans you support, all the distresses you relieve. The commissioner must inspect once each year all penal, correctional and eleemosynary institutions, including public hospitals, jails, poorhouses and corporations and organizations doing charitable work; and the commissioner appears as next friend in cases affecting the property of orphan minors, and has power to investigate complaints against public and private institutions whose charters may be revoked for cause by the commissioner. The benevolent institutions include a general hospital, the eye infirmary, orphan asylum, nursing institution and institute of the society. In 1840 he obtained a notaryship also, and the same year married Juliana Ercsey, the penniless orphan daughter of an advocate. Jolanka was the orphan child of a distant relative, whom the Bardys had adopted. She put the orphan at the foot of the bunk, drew the quilt over it and set to work. Left an orphan when five years old, he was placed by his guardian under the care of the Puritan vicar of Wotton-under-Edge, with whom he remained till he attained his sixteenth year, when he entered Magdalen Hall, Oxford. a parentless child. Please contact us for specific individual advice on how to integrate this product into your orphan foal 's diet. The city's charitable institutions consist of two general hospitals, each of which has a training school for nurses; a municipal hospital, an orphan asylum, a home for the friendless, two old folks' homes, and a bureau of charities; here, also, on a bluff, within a large enclosure and overlooking both lake and city, is the state soldiers' and sailors' home, and near by is a monument erected to the memory of General Anthony Wayne, who died here on the 15th of December 1796. orphan chimpanzees on Ngamba island, Uganda. The college dates from 1735, when it was founded as an asylum for orphan boys destined for the Church. "It's always been kind of an orphan. The main character in the … He was a weak and sickly child of poor parents, and from his sixth to his fifteenth year, when he was left an orphan, he worked on a farm. The indoor institutions are the more important in regard to endowment, and consist of hospitals for the infirm (a number of these are situated at the seaside); of hospitals for chronic and incurable diseases; of orphan asylums; of poorhouses and shelters for beggars; of infant asylums or institutes for the first education of children under six years of age; of lunatic asylums; of homes for the deaf and dumb; and of institutes for the blind. It has a Carnegie library, and is the seat of an Evangelical Lutheran theological seminary (1865), of Lutheran homes for the aged and orphan, of the Milwaukee county hospital for the insane, of the Milwaukee sanatorium for nervous diseases, and of the north-western branch of the national soldiers' home, which has grounds covering 385 acres and with main building and barracks affording quarters for over 2000 disabled veterans, and has a hospital, a theatre, and a library of 15,000 volumes. She clenched her teeth and grimaced as if pronouncing the word orphan filled her mouth with castor oil. In the play, Annie, she is an orphan living in a group home because her parents abandoned her at birth. Kelly College, near the town, was founded by Admiral Benedictus Marwood Kelly, and opened in 1877 for the education of his descendants and the orphan sons of naval officers. See orphan used in context: 25 poetry verses, 2 Shakespeare works, 2 definitions: 19. orphan in a sentence? Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. We are now raising a fund for the orphans of France. He might, perhaps, have given alms to the poor, or helped the orphan children of the town. Among the charitable institutions are the City Hospital (1886), the Santa Rosa Infirmary (1869), maintained by Sisters of Charity, a House of Refuge (1897), a Rescue Home (1895), a home for destitute children and aged persons (1897), the St Francis Home for the Aged (1893), St John's Orphan Asylum (1878), St Joseph's Orphan Asylum (1871) and the Protestant Home for Destitute Children (1887). The series premiere debuted not with the destruction of Krypton as detailed in the Superman lexicon, but with the meteor shower that brought Kryptonian orphan Kal-El to Earth. Well, now go, my orphan. orphan in a sentence - Use "orphan" in a sentence 1. The definition of orphan is a child or something related to a child who's lost their parents. ...a young orphan girl brought up by peasants. She was an orphan and unhappy, and on this day of triumph she felt the need of a family. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word orphan: . A representative list includes: - the Charity Organization Society, the primary object of which is to organize the work of the others; the Baltimore Association for the Improvement of the Condition of the Poor, which seeks to discourage indiscriminate alms-giving; the Bay View asylum or city poorhouse; the Children's Aid Society; the Thomas Wilson Fuel-Saving Society, for furnishing coal at low rates; the Woman's Industrial Exchange, for assisting women in need to support themselves; Johns Hopkins hospital, noted for the excellence of its equipment especially for heating and ventilating; Saint Joseph's general hospital; hospital for the women of Maryland of Baltimore city; nursery and child's hospital; Baltimore eye, ear and throat charity hospital; Maryland hospital for the - insane; the Sheppard asylum, intended especially for the cure of the insane; the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt hospital; the Baltimore orphan asylum; Saint Vincent's infant asylum; the Thomas Wilson sanatorium for children, intended for children under three years of age, who are suffering from disease, during the warm summer months; the Free Summer Excursion Society, for affording a change of air to the indigent sick; home for the incurables; homes for the aged; homes for friendless children; institutions for the blind; and institutions for the deaf and dumb. Mr. and Mrs. Smith died in a car accident, leaving their daughter an orphan. 's reign); the town hall (built in 1572 by Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, enlarged and restored in 1780); an unfinished church (begun by Leicester); a market hall (with arcades or "rows," such as those of Chester or Yarmouth); and the old parish church of St Marcella. When Steve’s parents died in the automobile accident, he became an orphan and went to live with friends. The orphan discovered he was heir to a legacy of magic and the savior of an entire people as "The Boy Who Lived." There are 12 hospitals (3 of them city institutions), 6 orphan asylums, 4 homes for the aged, a foundlings' home and a state industrial school for girls. Another way to think is that orphaned lines appear at the "birth" (start) of paragraphs; widowed lines appear at the "death" (end) of paragraphs. Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan. Widows and orphans only occur when the single words or single lines are cut off from a column or page, not that a paragraph ends with one or two words. It was one of those pathetic orphans headed straight to video. Among the hospitals and charitable institutions are the Minneapolis city hospital, the state hospital for crippled and deformed children, and Asbury Methodist, the Northwestern, the Deaconess', the Swedish, the St Mary's, the Maternity and the St Barnabas hospitals, Bethany Home, the Catholic orphan asylum, the Washburn orphans' home, the Pillsbury House (1906) where settlement work is carried on by the Plymouth Congregational Church, and several free dispensaries. orphan / examples. The streets are well shaded, chiefly with elms. CK 1 305757 They adopted the orphan. An orphan is a child whose parents are both dead. Within the state are also sixteen orphan asylums, and though these are private institutions, in all but one of them children are boarded at county or city expense. This incredible pet is of Jewish heritage and sadly an orphan. At Snaresbrook in the parish of Wanstead are the Infant Orphan Asylum, founded in 1827, and the Royal Merchant Seamen's Orphan Asylum, established in London in 1817 and refounded here in 1861. John Bauman, a Lutheran clergyman who had fled from Prague to escape religious persecution, and had held for some time the mastership of the grammar school at Kingston-upon-Thames. Definition of Orphanage. The agency you choose should also be familiar with the orphan visa law, as well as any responsibilities and risks that might be involved with the adoption. Sentence with the word Orphan. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. Examples of orphan in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web: Noun In both movies, the Cinderella character is an orphan, and both are horribly abused, manipulated, and enslaved. He could have been abused, or …" "Maybe he would be an orphan. 2. If you forgot, you were fined a trifle, which went to the box set aside for the help of the sailors' orphans. Kelly College, near the town, was founded by Admiral Benedictus Marwood Kelly, and opened in 1877 for the education of his descendants and the orphan sons of naval officers. The Colts weren't always such orphans, of course. Hampstead has numerous charitable institutions, amongst which are the North London consumptive hospital, the Orphan Working School, Haverstock Hill (1758), the general hospital and the north-western fever hospital. Is this the audition where they gave you a dodgy haircut to make you look like a Victorian orphan? qdii 1 300682 He is a war orphan. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. It was the birthplace of both the elder and the younger Pliny, the latter of whom founded baths and a library here and gave money for the support of orphan children. They cannot take pity on a widow or do good to an orphan. Sentence with the word Orphans. If the endogenous ligand has not been identified for a specific NR, it is referred to as an orphan NR. His parents were in humble circumstances, and he was left an orphan at an early age. The Oxford Orphan Asylum at Oxford (1872) is supported partly by the Masonic Order and partly by the state. 3. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Schuyler mansion (now St Francis de Sales Orphan Asylum), built in 1760-1761. Left an orphan while still young, Isidore was educated in a monastery, and soon distinguished himself in controversies with the Arians. He could have been abused, or …" "Maybe he would be an orphan. If you're old enough to remember the Annie craze, Jessica was just like every other eight year old girl and longed to be the red-headed orphan adopted by "Daddy Warbucks.". Orphan; Orphaning; Orphaned; Orphans; 1. Then they'll bounce me to some other place in Denver, like Little Orphan Annie. He was so sweet, but I was afraid that the moment he heard the word orphan, he would back away and pretend he never knew me. This boy was an orphan. There is an orphan asylum in the district of Parapatna. _" orphans of the Storm, " 1921. 4. 5. Besides several churches and a synagogue, there are a town hall (1836), a hospital, an orphan asylum, the "palace" of the board of marine, a meteorological observatory, a zoological station and a lighthouse. Cleveland has also its orphan asylums, homes for the aged, homes for incurables, and day nurseries, besides a home for sailors, homes for young working women, and retreats for unfortunate girls. In the early days most of them worshipped at the Female Orphan Asylum, St George's, whose chaplain, Rev. Charitable schools for orphan girls (hence called Faustinianae) were founded in her honour, like those established by her father Antoninus in honour of his wife, the elder Faustina. - The poor no longer… - The poor no longer… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus परियोजना जांच ने अनाथ ब्लाक फ़ाइल (ओं) की अनदेखी की. Orphan sentences in %s %s में अनाथ वाक्य : 18. Kepler's second courtship forms the subject of a highly characteristic letter addressed by him to Baron Stralendorf, in which he reviews the qualifications of eleven candidates for his hand, and explains the reasons which decided his choice in favour of a portionless orphan girl named Susanna Reutlinger. 5. At Manitowoc are the county insane asylum and a Polish orphan asylum.

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