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pathfinder 2e barbarian guide

Archetypes. Instinct Ability: Superstitious Resilience, Laborer (you get to replace Athletics since you get it as a Barbarian at 1st level). Spectacular against undead, and still perfectly functional against other foes, but not especially exciting. You only get the Critical Specialization Effects while raging, but if you're fighting and not raging you're either in a fight than went way too long or you're not taking the fight seriously. Unsurprisingly, a class about getting angry and hitting things depends on Strength. Have a deep-seated well of anger, hatred, or frustration. Goblin: You might be able to manage a Dragon Instinct build, and capitalize on the Charisma Boost to use Intimidation and possible other Face skills, but the Goblin has the lowest possible starting hit points and few Ancestry Feats that we care about. You get Skill Feats at even-numbered levels, giving you a total of 10 Skill Feats (and maybe another from your Background) by 20th level. Brutality: More proficiency with your attacks is great, and Critical Specializations Effects can really add a lot. Unbreakable Goblin can raise your hit points from your ancestry, and Junk Tinker can make it easier to craft oversized weapons for Giant Instinct builds, but that's not enough to make the goblin broadly appealing. Your choice of weapons is very similar to one-handed weapons, but you have the option of a weapon with Reach. Avoid backgrounds which give you skill feats in Charisma-based skills, even though this rules out options like Guard and Warrior which fit the class thematically. Pathbuilder 2e is a character planner and sheet for the new PFRPG 2e. This additional damage is halved if your weapon or unarmed attack is agile. The current changes to Pathfinder 2E can be found in Paizo’s Pathfinder FAQ. You will pretty much always be better off getting a Dedication feat for Cleric, Druid, or Wizard than you will just getting Cantrip Expansion if you can afford to start with a 14 in the appropriate stat. As a quick fix: allow the damage bonus against targets under the effect of a beneficial spell, and improve Raging Resistance to apply to all spells. If you really enjoy special attacks, the War Flail combines several excellent traits. Ancestry and background, initial proficiencies, rage, instinct, barbarian feat, Deny advantage, general feat, skill increase, Ability boosts, ancestry feat, brutality, skill increase, General feat, juggernaut, skill increase, weapon specialization, Ancestry feat, lightning reflexes, raging resistance, skill increase, Ability boosts, barbarian feat, skill feat, General feat, mighty rage, skill increase, Ancestry feat, greater juggernaut, medium armor expertise, skill increase, weapon fury, Ability boosts, general feat, greater weapon specialization, indomitable will, skill increase, Ancestry feat, heightened senses, skill increase, quick rage, Armor of fury, devastator, general feat, skill increase. The real draw here is the Instinct-specific feats. Elf (Advanced Race Guide pg. In downtime: carousing. If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions you should consider the Superstition Instinct and know that you and I will never be friends. 8 For some heroes, the rage that lives within them can’t be contained. If you know of other guides, comment them below. There’s bound to be something in that book that catches your fancy. Pathfinder 2e has a wide choice of classes, so which are the deadliest? Races, Class Abilities, and Skills 4. If you really want Junk Tinker, take Adopted Ancestry. Hillock Halfling offers a way to get some extra healing out of Treat Wounds, which is great on a class that's notorious for burning through a huge pile of hit points. Dwarf: Constitution, Wisdom, and the Free Boost goes into Strength, Darkvision, and maximum starting hit points. Do you hate the ability to travel long distances via teleportation? At 1st level, you select a doctrine and gain the benefits of its first doctrine. Nearly every unarmed attack granted by Animal Instinct exceeds most Monk unarmed attack options, and between Rage and strict reliance on Strength you'll often find that your unarmed attacks are more lethal, though without Flurry of Blows you'll perform less attacks than a Monk would. Heightened Sense: Despite starting with unusually good Perception, this is the first time your Perception proficiency increases. Dwarven Weapon Familiarity is tempting for a free-hand build if you want to use a Dwarven War Axe instead of a Bastard Sword, and Mountain's Stoutness offers additional hit points and helps you stabilize while dying, both of which are helpful for barbarians.

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