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half round gutter installation guide

Expect to pay more if you opt for half round gutters. I ended up cutting the power twice when working in this location. For me these leaders consisted of a buried three-inch clay pipe. When working with gutters too, I have always used a ¼” fall over a ten-foot run rule. If you're somewhat handy and have the patience to learn as you go gutter installation is an achievable task. In terms of the home, it can wreak havoc (in the form of rot and/or as a catalyst for mold) if left to do so. She is a real estate agent. It drains better, does not collect debris in the bottom but tends to wash out. within pipes or … in terms of the exterior, out and away from the house … especially at the foundation. These gutters look like crown molding. A majority of homes that you see will have K-style gutters. Each window that Hatch Homes provides our customers is installed by certified and trained craftsmen. For my own home, K-style was actually the only appropriate choice for a manufactured seamless gutter. I trust wholly that you made the right choice for your house, while my guess is that this isn’t quite the end of the battle – Half Round vs K Style brews on. Repairing plaster can be broken down into two large parts, each containing a handful of smaller steps. There are so many different types of gutters for you to choose from. By offering pro siding installers marketing assistance, sales support, product education, and lead generation, James Hardie's Contractor Alliance Program is simply one of the most comprehensive of its kind. Important Information About Home Safety During the Holidays, Spray Painting vs. Powder Coating: A Useful Guide. . Fortunately, he actually turned me onto my supplier for this job, Seamless Gutter Supply. K-Style gutters, or ogee, are loosely compared to the letter K that have a straight line from the bottom of the gutter, two opposite curves, and another short straight line. K style is prevalent because the contractors like it. (One of which I repaired some time ago.) Thanks! The front bead curls out (a manual process), while the back of the gutter features an open hem. The strong hidden hanger. First, half round gutters are going to cost you a pretty penny. I agree with you very much that a half-round gutter was the right choice for your home, despite all the additional detailing you had to include in hanging them. Half round gutters are a necessary choice when you have a roof with rounded roof lines. Water we know is essential for living. D) Outlets and Elbows will be screwed or riveted to the adjoining section for security. Think about the Statue of Liberty, or an old penny. There are two types of gutters for seamless installations, half-round and K-style. This is why a great gutter system is such an important investment for your home. You can choose from a variety of different colors and widths as well. Just be sure that you use a professional contractor to install them to ensure that they are secure and safe. The bracketing for the original gutters was installed up under the roofing (using straps), but I wasn’t about to play around with that slate roof. Basically, an aluminum roll “coil stock” is run through a specialty gutter machine. Since they are not like your typical gutter, they do require a little bit more expertise with installation. Half round gutters are actually just what they sound like. . As a general rule, at least as I understand it, you want your gutter to extend around a ½ inch passed the edge of your roof. Features & Benefits. Sealant, Rivets, etc. The slant does little in eliminating debris collection problem. Hopefully back later in the week to give you “. Their slogan: We Deliver … You Install. Most half round gutters will have a curved top on the edge. On the recommendation of one of the gentlemen at Seamless Gutter Supply , I drilled 5/32″ holes at each end of every gutter, as well as regular intervals across the length. I was fortunate really that I had the layout and lengths of gutter for most of the sections I needed (as they were still hung on the house). Steel, perhaps galvanized, had rusted and corroded over time. K style gutters, with a flat bottom and back. One simple way we manage water on the exterior of a home is by controlling the rain water shedding from the home’s roof. Installing Half Round Gutters :: History, Planning and Prep, DAP 3.0 Review :: Caulking Wood Siding at a Brick Chimney, Site Considerations and Prepping for Installing Half Round Gutters, Common Code Requirements For Decks :: Posts, Footers, Stairs + Common Violations, Planning for Connecting DownSpouts with Ground Leaders. Drywall screws, as in the example I presented at the top, just weren’t designed to do those kinds of things. In a dance of delicate surgery, I cut out the aged metal straps using a sawzall fitted with a 12” metal bade. Our aluminium half round gutters offer many benefits as they are easy to install, low maintenance, and lightweight yet very robust. Most people also find them worth the extra money, and consider them to be a good investment for their home and infrastructure. They can be found in copper, aluminum, and even coated metals. When I looked initially I had no luck finding seamless half-round gutters. GUTTER & FASCIA INSTALLATION GUIDE FEATURES OF STRATCO FASCIA FASCIA WITH FORM AND FUNCTION Fascia is used as a base to attach the gutters to, or as a cover to hide the fixing space between the roof, eaves and wall. Yes No. We do this by employing a gutter system or if you’re in Canada, and as Mike Holmes might have it … with eavestroughing. SGS recommends a 2-foot spacing for gutter brackets on half-round, and though in some cases I stretched that space, I ordered accordingly. Home » Exteriors » Gutters » Installing Half Round Gutters :: History, Planning and Prep. The half-round gutter shown above will most likely have a gap, whereas square back gutters will fit fairly flush with house. Available in painted aluminum, Galvalume, copper, FreedomGray® copper, painted steel, galvanized steel and paint grip; Gutter and accessories to fit most any need; Offered in single bead, single bead w/ flange, and double bead styles Did you know that half round gutters are one of the oldest types of gutters on the market? K-style, in many cases, is easier to install and consequently is typically a lot cheaper. They will start to fade and change colors. Our gutter jointing system is proven over 25 years. Irrigation 101: A Guide to the Basics of a Residential Irrigation System, How to Repair a Large Crack in Plaster || Video :: Using Big Wally’s Plaster Magic + Standard Drywall Techniques, The Skinny on Screws :: Our Guide to Common Screws, The Man Cave: What Guy Dwellings are All About, Mounting a Flat Screen TV :: It’s A Child Proofing Plan Essential, Product Benefits That Benefit Pros || James Hardie’s Contractor Alliance Program. B) Gutters should have a minimum pitch of ¼” for every 10 feet of single section. This is how your gutters will look over time. Another popular choice is steel. And major kudos to you for having your utility power shut off before working near your service drop! Having an irrigation system can give you that extra bit of help that you’ll need to keep your outdoor investments looking good all summer long. So, I had to build the fascia up at my slate roof. Because one section of our gutter sat immediately above our main power drop, I called my utility provider and requested a “drop loop” as we did the work there. They are also a lot easier to keep clean. Water is unable to run off of your roof, leading to problems with your roofing and even your foundation. We have two beautiful daughters Evyn and Eva. Now, this story is a long and twisty one for me. K-style gutters are generally believed to do a better job with catching and shedding rain water. For example – a simple pre-assembled #10 hanger (used with flat fascia) is currently going for $6.39. They were even made out of tree branches way back in the day. Half round gutters get their name because of their shape. As well as 150mm half round, Polyflow deep capacity gutter is also available for commercial applications. Hopefully back later in the week to give you “How to Install Half Round Gutters.”  Wish me luck and thanks for reading. While I tested all using a garden hose, I discovered that one is trickling water into my basement and is damaged. Lindab Rainline TM the steel rainwater system. All Rights Reserved. I ordered plenty of zip screws in lengths ranging from ¾” all the way up to 3 inch. To start, I removed … and recycled existing gutters. [Click to Read More]. Pretty important. When measuring, you do not need to account for fall. This is because K-style gutters have a look that resembles that of the interior molding of the home. Installation Instructions (PDF) Many of these ran long of that ½” + ½” rule. Skill builds Confidence. The gentlemen I spoke with actually discounted the ¼-inch-over-ten rule. First, we have aluminum gutters. And this is probably a good point to mention that gutters are available in several different material choices. K-style, in many cases, is easier to install and consequently is typically a lot cheaper. Half round gutters do a better job at responding to snow loads. Steel gutters are typically galvanized, and after about 20 years or so they may tend to get rusty. Gutters have to be placed just right, and must also has proper downspouts to ensure that the water runs off properly. In this group, one largish exterior company in my region … their quote $9k – not copper, but for aluminum. They are much more durable than some of the other gutter options on the market today. The professionals at Hatch Homes can help you choose the perfect gutter system for your home, and the perfect gutter guards to keep your gutter maintenance to a minimum. Ironic I think that the roof on the home’s addition is slate, while the original structure had its roof converted to asphalt shingle some years ago. I did this by installing 1x stock … meaning I built–up (built-out) in one place about 2 ¼”. The problem in all of this … well,  as a rule the thumb the thinking is that a roof should extent appropriately a 1/3 of the way into a gutter. In both cases, it is wise to have a drip edge to cover any gaps. I wasn’t so committed though (and as this house is not our be-all) as to strip and re-paint. ... Lindab Half Round Gutters and Accessories : KBO Lindab Rainline Half Round Roof Hanger Bending Tool. First, Mrs. Moxie would have to agree. Let’s take a closer look at these materials so that you can determine which will be most suitable for your home. One of my favorite things about working with SGS was the ease of which I could spec my job just from their website. So, in my own case, I’d selected K-style gutters for my old colonial, despite being told by history colleagues that they were the wrong choice, and that I should’ve used half-rounds, just because to them, the half-rounds just somehow “looked older”. As I mentioned in this Google Hangout, I ultimately settled on the guy who did the gutters on Mrs. Moxie’s first flip project. I had lost my longest length of gutter in a snow storm in 2010, so … there, I did need to measure. As the name implies, this style gutter is a half-round or half-circle shape. If you are ready to get your new gutters, then you need to choose a contractor for the job. Ask your contractor to give you more information on what they have to offer. You can have these gutters installed in sections, or you can choose to have them made to be seamless. This is something to consider and discuss with your contractor. Rainline combines the strength of steel and innovative fittings with EPDM rubber seals eliminating the need for sealants or solder joins. They were half-round and many of the lengths of downspout were what you would call corrugated round. End caps: two each for each gutter. Half round gutters are just not used as often. Aluminum is also not prone to rusting, unlike steel and other metals. One of the more popular choices is half round gutters. They have just come a long way. Half round rain gutters add a touch of class and style and are the preferred gutter profile for traditional and historic applications. This is essentially true since “gutter guards” are more widely available for k-style. Please note that not all sizes are available in the materials shown in this diagram. I chose a low gloss white aluminum, a #30 (Eggshell) as they call it. With the gutter’s outer lip right under the plane, make a mark for the bracket’s screw hole with a pencil. Our painter at the time removed the downspouts while giving this house its first, rather temporary, re-coating. Of course, now they are made with much more durable materials and have a much better functionality. Half round is demonstrably the best design of gutter. This is a diagram of the traditional classic half round gutter system which is available in copper, galvanized steel and aluminum. For painting, and since I was dealing with paint that was advancing in age, I cleaned with a TSP Substitute and primed with Peel Bond. And this is where a good part of the cost of a half-round job mounts – with the hardware. If you do decided that half round gutters are right for your home, then you will definitely be pleased with the added curb appeal and style they give your home. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We recently traded in our now restored 1889 farmhouse in Baltimore's Lauraville area for our next adventure - a 1920s Dutch Colonial in nearby Towson. Much of the hardware I needed, included both specification sheets and installations instructions right there. The Final Bits of Preparation – Do you Need a Drop Loop? This would limit any possibility of water splashing back and making its way up under roof shingles. Half Round vs K Style. Easy, fast installation: Our half round aluminium gutters have an integral butt strap, angle and running outlets and are double spigotted meaning less joints and waste resulting in a faster installation time. The first thing that you should do is make sure that you hire a contractor that has some experience with half round gutters. They are, however, a lot more durable than aluminum gutters. This is pretty much the backstory with my gutter install. Decades ago, half round gutters were really popular. That is, it should meet a point at about 1/3 of the way across the gutter’s width. This makes them a bit more difficult to install and keep secured as well. Gutter is available slotted or unslotted. The flat bottom style (“K”) collects water and debris since it has a larger surface. More than just functional, Stratco Fascia is designed to form a neat, attractive edge between the roofing and wall surface. Once removed, I tucked a caulking-type backer rod up under the shingles. A guide to eliminating annoying drips and leaks that may occur within the gutter system. Half-round on the other hand pre-dates k-style and is often considered a little more historic. Half-round, also known as U-shaped, gutters date back to the early 1900’s and this traditional shape has lasted over one-hundred years due to its effectiveness. Half round gutters, however, are a bit more unique. is a Pro & DIY home improvement site - the do it together home improvement & remodeling blog. A) Gutters shall be formed onsite from SMS gutter coil, which has been procured from an approved SMS distribution point. I actually even ordered some a few inches longer, knowing that I could cut them on site just prior to installation. . This gutter style offers great visual appeal in keeping with the age or period of a home, but also adds a unique touch to more modern structures. When we purchased the under-loved and left-for-ruin 19th century farmhouse, the gutters, and the downspouts, were pretty well rotted out. This is a win-win when it comes to your gutter system. But the K-style contour itself is actually a much older “trim shape”. According to HouseLogic, “in general, K-style gutters have twice the capacity of their half-round cousins of the same width, and cost up to 50 percent more per linear foot.” Half-round gutters are tubes that are half of … What are Half-Round Gutters? Oh! And with about 115 linear foot to do, that added only about $80 to my total cost. They are really durable, but don’t cost a whole lot of money. Building Moxie :: The Do Together is brought to you by Building Moxie SM. This is something to keep in mind. Half-round gutters are the traditional gutter style for many, especially those with homes that were built before the advent of K-style gutters in the 1950’s. This is ideal if you live in a climate with harsh weather conditions. Also, attach the Leaf Relief every 24" through the front lip of the gutter… C) Downspouts should be installed every 40 feet. Code RA1B; From 81 reviews ~jb, editor. With the angle and depth of some of the roof lines, I decided to stay to true to these original measurements. To ensure I purchased the correct hardware I bought samples first for a number of the hangers in a variety of configurations. ... PVC Gutter Installation PDF; ... Half Round Gutter Angle - 90 Degree x 112mm Black . ... How To Repair A Leaking Gutter Joint. (Half-round, as well as k-style, are also available in a smaller 5” option.). Here’s a few things that make LeafCo Gutters different: Because you want to know who is at your home, our uniformed installers will arrive 5 minutes early to access the exterior in a LeafCo Gutter branded vehicle. This helps to deal with water runoff and makes them more functional. For this reason you may not see them as an option with every contractor. Mrs. Moxie, with her always practical real estate sense, had maintained from the beginning, “Nobody even looks at the gutters. Ironic, perhaps, that water too is especially powerful. … K-Style!”  I couldn’t help but disagree, and it was just like that that our home sat without downspouts for the good part of six years. Half-round gutters are perfect for homes built before the 1950s due to their rounded rooflines. Plus downspouting, and including elbows (I choose a corrugated round like the original downspouts), and I chose to mount them using a traditional rack and key method. What Are Half Round Gutters? Our Half Round Gutter System Schematic details all components and accessories. Half-Round gutters, also called U-shape, are shaped perfectly like half a circle. You don’t really think about it very often, but without a properly functioning gutter system, you could have some serious damage done to your infrastructure. A big effort, but certainly worth it in the end. Thank you for visiting, A one-time construction manager, and always handyman, turned blogger and editor. For my order, I found that SGS was more than helpful. A handy downloadable guide that uses images and text to outline the gutter installation process in chronological order. They have the ability to run seamless 6” half-round gutter. It is suitable no matter what the climate is in your area. As advised, I measured from the edge of the shingles at one end to the other shingle edge and added an inch (½” + ½”). Unlike the k style gutter, half round gutters have a round shape that helps the water drain out as opposed to staying in the flat bottom of the gutter. Oh, and just as a side note, along similar lines: What’s called “K-style” is actually the same contour as the bed moulding usually found on old classical cornices (e.g., Colonial / Federal / Greek Revival, but not so much Victorian). Most half round gutters will have a curved top on the edge. Whether you are installing half round gutter to plumb fascia, slanted fascia, rafter ends, cornice fascia, or a tile roof, this will guide you to proper installation … For half-round, and in most cases, you’ll be using an outside bracket to hang the gutters. I was looking for white aluminum. This helps to deal with water runoff and makes them more functional. Copper is another popular choice for gutters. And you see how it adds up fast. … too. After a little bit of research, years actually – I discovered that Seamless Gutter Supply (above). They’re all great. Each takes its name, likely, from their cross section shape. It is easier to install, and therefore cheaper. Because of this, it is important to keep water where it needs to be, i.e. This is why they typically cost more. Essentially there are two types of gutters you’ll find in residential installations today, half-round and the more common k-style. Sure, you will have to keep them clean, but you should not have issues with leaking, especially if you go with a seamless design. As a manufactured product, half-rounds go way back, as I’ve seen many old, weathered half-rounds (some made from lead sheeting) on a lot of the nineteenth century homes around here. yes, together). First, you must secure your loose plaster and then, you must finish your repair. Point being – make sure to thoroughly test and re-test all leaders before tying in. Copyright © 2008-2019; Built on Ideas, LLC. This diagram includes all available hangers, outlets, and downspout fasteners typically used with this classic half round system. They are also usually going to be heavier, because of the type of material that is used to make them. Essentially there are two types of gutters you’ll find in residential installations today, half-round and the more common k-style. They are also harder to cut and fit because measurements must be made precisely. When you look at houses as you drive down the road, you may notice that a majority of homes have the old school boring aluminum gutters. You can also choose from a variety of different colors, giving you more freedom for the look of your gutters. By comparison, hidden hangers or spikes for K-style start at around only 50 cents a pop. When you have seamless gutters, you never have to worry about leaks and problems in the seams and links. Please consult a professional for larger copper gutter projects. K-style is often more easily found in a seamless option. There are 2 types of half-round gutters: European Bead / Traditional Single Bead – This was the standard, and is the old fashioned way to make gutters. Even the segmented half round gutters are not prone to leaks, meaning you can have more peace of mind that your gutters are doing their job properly. on Half-Round Gutters (continued) Wrap-Around Hangers, Existing Gutters Install on gutter in position so that it overlaps previous section by 1/2". Looking forward to Part II. They are also seen as being a little more maintenance free. I also needed outlets (this is the bit that the downspout attaches to): one each for each gutter run. Then, I got up on the house and checked what would work. (I’d recommend this high-build primer for a lot of projects). You can choose from a variety of different colors and widths as well. Three additional pieces of 1x total – glued, nailed and then lag-bolted to rafter ends. Attach with screws through Leaf Relief at every hanger overlap. First of all, the inside of a half round gutter is more smooth. Seamless gutters have their advantages, but they do tend to be pricier. A lot of people choose this for the aesthetics. A drop loop essentially disconnects the main power from the house at the nearest pole. Want some advice on how to install your half round gutters, ... Take a look at our guides & tips section for half round guttering. The smoothness is also effective when it comes to getting debris to wash out of the gutters, rather than getting trapped and clogging up your gutter system. When it is time to hang the seamless half-round gutter, set the gutter into place on the brackets and hook the back edge to the bracket. Step 1: At the high end of the gutter’s run, place a bracket and section of copper gutter against the fascia. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. Really love all the detail you’ve provided about the process you went through, and the pics, too. Searching for an answer to a specific home improvement question . This is pretty much the backstory with my gutter install. This is because there are not as many creases for water to pool up. If you live in an area with a lot of heavy rain, snow, or wind, then vinyl may not be ideal for you at all. This ensured a sturdy surface to mount gutters to. These gutters can be effective, but if you want something that is a bit more unique, and offers a better sense of style, then you may consider half round gutters. This allows for custom runs of gutters where no seams (read: points for failure) are present across a gutter’s length. Each takes its name, likely, from their cross section shape. The gutter shall be Stramit [insert Half Round Gutter type] as selected based on size and performance. Instructions about cutting half-round gutters. With the steep pitch of my roof, and taking into consideration the total roof area, I knew that 6” was in fact the way for me to go. You may also discuss other options, such as gutter guards or gutter screens to help keep your new gutters protected and clean. So my situation was analogous to yours. To me, half-round says “Victorian”, and for any 19th century home with Victorian nuances (as yours appears to be, based on the photos), half-rounds are by far the most natural choice. Vinyl gutters are generally the least expensive option, but they are also not going to be as durable. This gives you a lot of variety in the look and style, as well as the durability of your gutters. Typical half round gutter hanger details showing six different ways to mount half round gutter hanger brackets to various fascia and rafter styles.

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