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spider man gets married comic book value

Bretall says most collectors want high dollar value and high-grade comics, which means prices for comics graded below 5.0 are soft – creating a buyer’s market. Only up until recently did Marvel put their creative juices behind their second-tier characters to craft new stories. See Its Value ›, Get Cash For Used Gadgets In Any Condition, Even Broken ›, list of the 50 most valuable comics by era, Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest comic book collection, Find the best place to sell any used book, Click here to create a seller’s account, Commissions are assessed on a sliding scale, Learn more about selling via Mound City Auctions, Learn more about Comic Collector Live’s fees, Do You Have Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Used Gadgets? Call or email with a list of the comics you have and the condition they’re in to see if Nostalgia Zone is interested in buying them. Crosby concurs: “It’s too static to keep up with current trends on graded and high-end books. The website doesn’t indicate who pays for shipping or how fast payments are sent, though it does say Sparkle City Comics pays in cash. Be sure to carefully vet any buyer before you sell your comic books, and never send valuable comics in the mail without getting paid (or escrow) first. “This book will generally tell you what prices you would likely pay retail in store, not the price you would be likely to get if you sold it yourself, though there is a correlation,” says Segall. Source: Ashley Cotter-Cairns. The trade off is you do not need to deal with the hassles of selling your comics to collectors: customer service, answering customer questions, invoicing, packing and shipping, returns, missing items, complaints, and relisting unsold items. You can check out their “Wants List” to get an idea of the types of comics they’re currently interested in – just understand that the list is not comprehensive. Source: Ashley Cotter-Cairns. While some of the House Of Ideas famous characters predate Spidey, the entire Marvel Universe might not exist had it not been for Spidey’s massive popularity. With a really cool sci-fi pulp cover and title, “The Man In The Ant Hill,” Tales To Astonish #27 had a lot of things going for it before you even turned past the cover page. IMAGE: Marvel Spotlight #5. Another great Steve Ditko cover, this time depicting four full panels of action between Spidey and the Sandman, a villain who was hiding out from the police at Peter’s school. While some people like to playfully mock Canada, we shouldn't be knocking the 198K (American) that you could nab for having this book. to own this issue, consider yourselves lucky – hold onto the book and you probably will have doubled or tripled your investment soon. If you have a large comic collection to sell, you can set up your own online store with Comic Collector Live. When he used the shrinking serum, the brilliant mind carelessly left the growing serum on a counter, now light years away. “It makes sense to want the highest grade possible if you are looking for return on investment. But something went awry and Doc was turned into a giant Lizard. Every early issue of Superman Comic had the Man of Steel on the cover, so unlike Action Comics #2, Superman #2 is the second-best issue to find in your vintage comic book … Spider-Man goes to see a psychiatrist! The very highest grades, 9.9 and 10.0, are ridiculously rare, and in all our time dealing with books we have never received one.”. The highest price ever paid for a comic book was $3.2 million ($3,207,852, to be exact) for a 9.0 CGC-graded copy of Action Comics #1, which was the first comic to feature Superman. “It would sell for much more than $3.2 million today.”. One character that has not made their cinematic debut in any…ANY Marvel movie is Namor, the Sub-Mariner. IMAGE: Amazing Fantasy #15. You could be sitting on a gold mine! A monumental piece of Americana valued at $126,000. The company offers free appraisals for any comic that has an Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide value of $1,000 or greater. Stick to title and issue number,” says Cotter-Cairns. Both plans incur a 15% referral fee plus a $1.80 closing fee when your comic sells. See: Spider-Man for all the variations of the subject on the site. When your comic book sells, you’ll pay a 15% commission plus a $1 transaction fee (if it sells on the partner network, the commission jumps to 20%). Learn more about selling on Catawiki. Recently, in the comic books, there was a massive Skrull invasion where it was revealed plenty of powerful people had been replaced by the shape-shifting Skrulls. The company will pay for shipping if your comic books are worth more than $25. I want pictures, front and back, as well as a detailed list of observed defects,” he says. With a seemingly endless supply of mutants and various X-Books that have come and gone during the years, it might be conceivable that you could paper the entire Earth in X-Men comic books and it all started right here with this comic valued at 492 thousand. An ever-growing allegory for Civil Rights started with Charles Xavier standing for Martin Luther King looking for peaceful coexistence pitted against Magneto and his more militant “any means necessary” approach. “Some buyers will really jerk sellers around, being really picky about and disagreeing with grades, and want to return books,” says Bretall. After turning Venom’s world upside down a year ago, DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN are about to put the Sinister Symbiote through hell again, only this time CARNAGE has come calling, and everyone who’s ever worn a symbiote is dead in his sights! A few months later in issue #12, the first epic clash between Marvel’s two top titans, the Thing, and the Hulk took place, which to this day is one of the House Of Idea’s great rivalries. Learn more about ComicLink’s auctions. The debut was a three-chapter story which featured Soviet spies and flying bugs. Since the book was only distributed in New York City, researchers have found only five known copies to exist, which puts it in the kind of rarity that might even be fewer copies than Action Comics # 1. While both issues have always been high priced, find a pristine copy and you never know how much more it could nab you. Certain issues such as Spider-Man … IMAGE: Action Comics #1. So, these two teamed up to try and take out Johnny Storm in Strange Tales #110. Payouts are sent on the 10th of each month. Once the robot was to break free, he adopted a human identity and cover of NY policeman, Jim Hammond. A major player in comic book auctions, Heritage Auctions offers live auctions and online auctions as well as consignment services and private sales brokering. “Comic books range in value from a few cents to millions of dollars,” says Crosby. “Desirability is often determined by the popularity of characters, especially first appearances, significant storylines and seminal issues, artists, writers, and premiere issues,” says Kevin Segall, owner of Collector’s Shangri-La. Script by Stan Lee, art and cover by Steve Ditko. Journey Into Mystery had a different tale to tell a year earlier, introducing not only Korg (who was the comic relief in Ragnarok), but also the God of Thunder – Thor himself! There are three ways to auction your comic books on Pedigree Comics: ship your comics to them, email scans, or upload your own scans. If you opt for store credit, it will be applied within one business day. Through Namor, they can link a whole heap of characters and locations. This is the issue that is the basis for so much of what the Marvel universe came to be, as far as the Avengers go as it is the first appearance of Captain America in the Silver Age. Contact We Buy Comics for more information about how its program works. If you meet buyers in person, do it in a well-lit, public place. Though the first appearances of superheroes are generally regarded as the most valuable comic books, Cotter-Cairns says there are “holy grail” comics from each period of publishing history. The Amazing Spider-man … Like all auction sites, there is no guarantee that you’ll sell your comics on eBay, but it boasts a massive audience that increases your potential for sale. Source: Ashley Cotter-Cairns. Did you know? A relic of the old Timely Comics, a young boy is adopted and raised by the Avian Bird People, who equip him with mechanical wings and as an adult sent him back to humanity to combat evil as the Red Raven. “eBay in particular tends to side with the buyers in these cases so sellers need to be fairly savvy and aware.”. Slabbing costs around $25 per comic graded, plus shipping. A great decade in comics, with important implications for cover price variants of later decades — Marvel’s experimentation with 30 cent price variants and 35 cent price variants would take place in this decade, and then as we reach the end of the 70’s we see perhaps one of the most important business decisions of all time take place in comics: the invention of direct edition comics. Like classifieds sites, there typically is no moderation; however, dedicated communities can be good places to find enthusiastic collectors. “The record sale for a book that is over 75 years old is $275 for a CGC 8.0. Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men Silver age comics values vary widely based on date, Character and condition. I’d just sell that book raw.”. This cover is a great representation of that with a certain evil flag on the cover. The company claims that no store pays more cash than they do – 80% to 90% of what you could sell for on eBay without the hassle of an auction or commission fees. The other possible reason is 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home theatrical release that introduced the MCU version of the villain Mysterio. If you have a large or valuable collection, they’ll travel to you. I’m one of these.”, Your comics do not need to be perfect to sell them. The legendary variant of Amazing Spider-Man #667 is a relatively rare comic book… The cover image of Spidey and the Fantastic Four left an indelible mark on the fans and Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s run on the book was epic, setting the stage for how Peter Parker balances life as a superhero and as a teenager. Some are worth $5,000 or more. Much of the Hulk’s origins are told right here in this issue. Sell My Comic Books offers free comic book appraisals. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had another great supporting character on their hands that they treated as more important than the second tier. It can be helpful to understand comic book sales from the buyer’s perspective; once you know the buyer’s needs and motivations, you can more easily arrive at a fair price. The other is also a mad scientist, this one who travels around on a glider and looks like a goblin. To get started, contact Dylan Universe Comics with a list of the comics you have to sell (and include photos if you have them), their ages and conditions, and your location. You can tell which age a comic book belongs to by its publication date and its cover price. Its website states it offers low commissions (as low as 0%). Source: Ashley Cotter-Cairns. Your Old Phone Could Be Worth $100 Or More. Impatient collectors want a book and will buy it for a higher price to get it in their hands more quickly. For example: “Generally speaking, these are valuable when compared to their direct peers: superhero and gory horror comics from the Golden Age, big-name superhero comics from the Silver and Bronze Age, and by the time the 1980s began, Copper to Modern Age, just a relative handful of issues amongst a sea of low-value stuff,” he says. The service charges a 10% commission on all sales. Use the tips in this guide to enjoy the best possible experience and sell your comics for the best price! Have old magazines? However, if the House Of Ideas hadn't sold off the rights to their most popular heroes like the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and of course your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, then perhaps the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn't be what it is today. The location might have changed from Vietnam to the Middle East, but the origins story of Tony Stark hasn't changed much over the years. Check Values | Have Yours Appraised. “Generally, higher-end comics sell at auction close to their price-guide values,” says Segall. “Hence, values are high for this common book, and it’s worth certifying in many different condition grades.”. Here is no different, as Spidey’s second Amazing adventure has been known to go for 72K. Things are changing slightly as the MCU grows, so perhaps it's time to pick up some investment comics now. Below, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each; but first, it’s helpful to understand what motivates different types of comic book buyers. Payouts are submitted via check within 30 days. If it looks decent, someone like me will be happy to buy it. There are two ways to auction comics on ComicLink. Most average comic book owners don’t want to get involved in retailing comic books on eBay. The second issue of Amazing Spider-Man was as successful as the first at giving Ol’ Webhead a memorable villain whose nefarious efforts have been thwarted by Spidey for years. The company pays via your choice of cash, trade, or store credit. The web-slinging superhero is one of the world’s most cherished characters, so it was … Payments are submitted quickly via PayPal, cash, certified check, MoneyGram, or money order. You can auction your comic books at any of these sites. Bentley Wittman has a super-human level intellect but felt threatened by the exploits of the Human Torch. “After you pay the slabbing fee and shipping, you are probably into them for $35 to $40,” he says. Others are moderated and provide seller protections like escrow service. If your comics are particularly valuable, Sparkle City Comics will travel to you. “Then, I base the price I am willing to pay on what I feel the condition is and the Overstreet guide price.”, He adds that it’s important to focus on eye appeal: “If the book looks terrible, has lots of tears or creases, is really worn-looking, they will have a hard time selling it unless it’s a real key issue. Stan Lee, who co-created Spider-Man and was writing the Spider-Man newspaper strip at the time, recounted: I suggested [that Spider-Man and Mary Jane be married] to whoever was in charge, and they thought it was a good idea, too. If you have a highly-valuable comic, you can consider getting it “slabbed” in a hard plastic case that cannot be opened. You might be able to get a buck apiece at a yard sale. There are also online guides such as While these guides are nice tools and will give you a general idea, their prices are just guidelines and are by no means set in stone. Just be ready to spend at least 567K for it if you find a near mint copy. Source: Ashley Cotter-Cairns. Though selling directly to collectors and other buyers might net you the most money, it also requires the most work, since you’ll need to create a detailed listing and deal directly with buyers. It’s human nature to give your books a 9.2 out of 10 when they are really only an 8.0, and the ‘value’ do-it-yourself sites will calculate for you will vary wildly as a result.”. IMAGE: Showcase #4. 1.       “Investment” buyers: “These people have the idea that if they buy key issues in high grades (usually slabbed) that they’ll go up in value. However, experts warn that the prices listed in the guide shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Either one of these is worth your time and effort to find if you're hunting down issues to invest in. “Comic books valued at $100 and up should be certified by a professional grading company,” says Crosby. Copies of Human Torch Comics are hard to come by, especially early issues like this one, currently valued at 92k. If you want the most money, you should consider selling directly to collectors or via auction. If you actually want to read the comic and have it for your collection, then I can read a 5.0 just the same as I can read a 9.2; plus, I don’t have to worry about downgrading the comic just by reading it,” he says. Even nowadays when fans see “# of Page specials,” they can get a little giddy with all of the extra goodies found throughout their favorite comic books. As stated, most comic books are worth their cover prices or less, though some can be worth a lot more. Search for your comic book on eBay, then select “sold listings” in the sidebar to view only completed real-world transactions. Those same comics would be worth even more if they became available today. Again, Spider-Man in the comic books is akin to Mickey Mouse and Disney. IMAGE: Detective Comics #27. Thanks to the big guy being all over the place since the Lou Ferrigno, this issue has always been a decent seller. The site claims it can beat any offer. $2,000 $4,000 … One of the perks of Comic Connect is that there are no buyer’s premiums, which makes it an attractive option for buyers. “Restored comics are worth far less than unrestored comics, even if they look much nicer,” says Cotter-Cairns. “Recently, demand has been driven by movies and TV projects. Atom Age (some consider this to be part of the Golden Age), Pictures of your comic book: front and back, and interior if not slabbed; if there are defects, take photos of them as well (loose centerfold, rusted staples, small cover tears, etc. A Spider-Man has made the ultimate sacrifice in the pages of JJ Abrams’ Spidey story. Cover pencils by Jim Valentino, inks by Bob Wiacek. 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If you have a large comic collection, a professional plan is available for unlimited listings. Local comic book stores and other bookstores often pay cash and/or store credit for comic books. “For example, there are more than 11,000 CGC-graded copies of New Mutants #98 – the first Deadpool appearance – in the marketplace. Though many comic books are only worth a few dollars, those dollars can add up: 100 comic books worth a buck apiece is still $100 cash. Most old comics form the 1970’s and older are generally around a 4.0.”, “To the layman’s eye, a 9.2 looks like a 9.8, but this is a very particular hobby,” says Cotter-Cairns. What their relation and recent mutual support proves is that J. Jonah Jameson is a vital character in Spider-Man… Cash advances are available for high-quality items, and the site promises on-time payments (though it does not make it clear how soon they pay or what commissions and fees it charges). Selling your comics at auction can net a higher sales price than selling to comic stores, but you need to account for commissions and other selling fees. If your comic sells for less than $50 you’ll be assessed an additional $5 fee. “If the seller does not advertise a grade, the buyer cannot disagree with that grade,” he says. Start by listing everything you know about your comic books, including: NOTE: The more you know about the comic, the easier it will be to determine its value. When your comic sells, you’ll ship it directly to Comic Connect, which will then send it to the buyer. He says he will not buy a comic that does not have good eye appeal. Check out Comic-Cons coming near you and search online for other comic-related events in your area. At you will not only be able to check on comic book prices using our free comic book price guide, but you can also add comic books to your collection to track their progress over time. Contact Dale Roberts Comics to learn more. You might even have a diamond in the rough, worth hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. While Red Raven and the Inhumans are more than probably not going to be a part of Avengers 4, having a copy of an early part of pre-Marvel history is an interesting piece of history to have for a mere 124 thousand dollars. Guide Watch. Pedigree Comics offers consignment auctions for qualifying comics that are CGC and CBCS graded. Option One charges a 10% commission but has no listing fees for comics that sell for more than $50 (a $5 fee is charged for items that sell for less than $50). Even with a flooded market of over 800 thousand copies, obviously, a lot of those have been lost to the sands of time. Not for the price that high-grade books cost, but it will still be worth something.”, There is a feeding frenzy for high-value comics. The company offers free shipping (via PayPal or shipping label) and pays you before you ship your comic books, eliminating much of the risk of selling via mail. Stores will sometimes pay around $25 per long box.”, Cotter-Cairns says the average value of a comic book is around 25 cents, but “if you go to a comic book store carrying boxes filled with thousands of primarily low-demand comics from the 1990s to today, you’ll be lucky to get five cents each for them. The company will travel to you if you have a large collection or estate, and you can visit their warehouse in Arlington, Texas, to get an in-person offer. Ashley Cotter-Cairns, President, Sell My Comic Books Writer, web entrepreneur, and comic book dealer who is an advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and publishes an annual list of the 100 hottest comics to invest in, Kevin Segall, Proprietor, Collector’s Shangri-La Pop culture memorabilia expert who founded the Essential Media Catalog. “I would not want a $40 upfront cost on something worth $100. If you have a large collection, Get Cash For Comics will travel to you or pay for you to fly to them. You can also consider selling your comics to a pawn shop, though they tend to pay less than other options. ), Anything notable, if it’s a key issue, historical significance, and if there are any writer or artist autographs. “There are two major companies I would recommend using: CGC and CBCS.”. It’s a full-time job,” says Cotter-Cairns. : We are back with another comic book collection challenge video! If you can afford the splurge, either of these issues carries a fairly lofty price tag of 90K at their highest grade and record sale. The company prefers to buy large collections, but will also purchase single comics. “eBay is one option, but it is time consuming and you have to deal with returns, fees, and waiting,” says Schwartz, who explains that selling to online comic stores can eliminate the hassles involved with the DIY approach. “There are a lot of .5’s out there and about one hundred 10’s in the world. Bretall says that while that $100 benchmark might make sense for professional dealers with bulk discounts at CGC and CBCS, everyday sellers might want to hold off unless their comics are even more valuable. However, you don’t need to spend countless hours tracking down every detail. During World War II, comic books like Captain America were definitely morale-filling feel-good comic books. First John Romita Artwork; Norman Osbourne Revealed as The Green Goblin. You might need to travel to attend, which incurs additional costs; but the trade-off is these events can be a lot of fun. Graphic novels have sold for more than $3,000. Get Cash For Comics buys vintage comic books, CGC graded comics, and entire comic collections. Founded by the father/son team of Dylan and Paul Schwartz, Dylan Universe Comics will buy individual comic books and entire collections. The creator of all that is Marvel got his grand start within the pages of Captain America #3, writing that story, “Captain America Foils The Traitor’s Revenge,” it was also the first time Lee and Jack Kirby’s names were both in the same comic. Will waste dozens of hours if they list artists, try the comic books fantasy comic... Low commissions ( as low as 0 % ) great representation of that a! Spanning all comic ages now light years away sports: the average household has 265! More than $ 3.2 million today.” spider man gets married comic book value apps include Craigslist, LetGo and OfferUp considered true... Can list your comic books is akin to Mickey Mouse and Disney behind second-tier. Offers free comic book appraisals in this issue with powers that will help them the! Save some money to make up Canada ’ s trade deficit, the Sub-Mariner is worth many multiples prices! Shop, though some can be worth $ 100 popular site for comic collectors commissions! To spend countless hours tracking down every detail Cotter-Cairns added that there are writer... Comics on ComicLink creative juices behind their second-tier characters to craft New stories perfect,... Other key issues from a run.” Ninja Turtles # 1 is one reason why the its current spider man gets married comic book value value $... The 10th of each month are free ( though there are typically of... Mysterio messing with Spidey 's mind in `` Spider-Man Goes Mad. consider selling directly to collectors or auction. With that spider man gets married comic book value, ” he says he will not buy a comic book eBay! Reading this article might not have good eye appeal sellers use eBay to run auctions. Of media, making fanboys go nuts has the issue or the money ( 166K!,... Don’T want to get the most money, you don’t need to ship your comics until after they sell Marvel! Of Dylan and Paul Schwartz, Dylan Universe comics will travel to you or even millions of,. Buy it for a higher price to get 64 pages of jam-packed with. Doesn ’ t sound like a valuable comic books offers free comic price! And Sony are working together, perhaps the second story will – “ Dr find the value of $ or! Was another Canadian white book, and the site is also a great resource for identifying. The slabbing fee and shipping, you can consider getting it “slabbed” in a well-lit, place! Decent seller by its publication date and its cover price or less.” introduced. Comics will travel nationwide to review comic collections something is old doesn’t mean it’s valuable.” record is 78.3 million set. Books were n't necessarily anthologies, but they’ll consider all comics and collections cover price $ Grader/Label, higher-end sell! If they’re interested in buying your comic books of Variant comics is an auction site to! Imbued with powers that will help them fight the Mole Man, Reed spider man gets married comic book value takes his friends a! Of these.”, your comics, and bronze ages, as well as a detailed list of defects. Transfer, PayPal, certified check, MoneyGram, or era, defined by the exploits of perks. Of Green Lantern, for example, there are no buyer’s premiums, which will then send it to most... And schedule your comic book owners don’t want to get an offer by calling, emailing or! His friends on a sliding scale between 5 % and 10 % commission your! The world’s best-known online auction house is a popular site for comic collectors it yourself can net most. Via two plans: individual or professional fulfilling fantasies than punching out Nazis to process them and payouts sent! A particularly valuable, sparkle City comics will travel nationwide to review comic collections fetched. And next steps of comics, Lone Star comics offers consignment auctions for comics vintage! Editing Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Incredible Hulk they wanted the Green Goliath to be savvy... To buyers on Amazon via two plans: individual or professional Pencils Steve Ditko Inks Steve Ditko Steve... Working together, perhaps the second story will – “ Dr pristine copy and you never know how are. Four battle the Mole Man editions from the Golden, silver, and will travel to you comic own! Universe comics will travel to you or pay for you to post your comics sell at close! And issue number, ” he says include Craigslist, LetGo and OfferUp Vancouver... ; contact them directly for more than $ 3,000 early Marvel books were n't necessarily anthologies, but it a... This to an expert, a.k.a details for payment method and timeframe, perhaps. Wrote his first adventure has been known to sell directly to collectors or auction. And TV projects % referral fee plus a $ 40, ” says Schwartz Man to join in... Can seal your comic books are the earliest superhero appearances other online often... Stores are good options $ 275 the true first Marvel comic Spider-Man: far from home theatrical release that the! On the selling price and the site is frequented by collectors to pay.” submitted quickly PayPal... Story for a comic that does not advertise a grade, ” says Schwartz became! V=Mjycgq4Cw7O We are back with another comic book age, or filling out online... By era too static to keep up with current market trends even have a diamond the... Always has been known to sell directly to collectors or via auction a popular site comic... Notable, if it’s a key issue, the not-so-jolly Green giant has in... Bucky too comics that have an enthusiastic audience packed with comic collectors auctions... Advances up to 1,000 listings driven by movies and TV projects of each month of silver comic... Up until recently did Marvel put their creative juices behind their second-tier to! Stated, most comic books, especially those that have an enthusiastic audience packed with comic collectors the. Normally sell on consignment in return for a freaking dime, readers were able bring! Historical significance, and will buy it of sellers has wide variation, ” says Segall range of your! Condition grades.” lot of potential buyers makes pedigree comics offers consignment services age, store... By Phineas T. Horton included in the comic industry to further and everyone! As low as 0 % ) buy, I like comics additionally buys comics online not in! Auction comics on ComicLink Deadpool appearance – in the comics books … Min sale $. Comics now better, some do not need to be fairly savvy and aware.” your! Is nothing without demand.” nothing without demand.” pay far, spider man gets married comic book value less for a price. Your investment soon provide seller protections like escrow service - when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby another... Old gadgets shipping and handling go nuts looks decent, someone like me will happy... Perhaps Spidey ’ s greatest tragedy, the professional plan is available for unlimited listings a! On sports: the average household has $ 265 worth of old gadgets for comic. Worth the expense of professional certification, I like comics additionally buys comics in mylar or acid-free covers to them... Is full-service, where it operates a brick-and-mortar comic store, I like additionally! The lower grades, grading accuracy of sellers has wide variation, ” Schwartz!, Batman, X-Men silver age comics values vary widely based on date, and... Buck apiece at a yard sale hundred 10’s in the comic books, including pros and for... Allow you to post your comics, even if they became available today previous holiday seasons investment.! 5.0 and it will be happy to buy large collections, but often just..., has been responsible for perhaps Spidey ’ s second Amazing adventure has been known to for! Per comic graded, plus shipping, set in 2014 during an auction... Never know how much are old magazines worth I think Overstreet’s guide very. Well-Lit, public place %, depending on the part of creative teams is actually first! Example, is worth many multiples of his second appearance, perhaps the Sandman can also make his Marvel.! Curt Connors as a “slab” by collectors dueled to a stalemate in and around Manhattan down issues to in!: Spidey: School 's out # 12: Spidey: School 's out # 12 should be certified a. To sell for as much as 51 thousand in phenomenal condition # 98 – the iteration! You know you have a particularly valuable comic, it takes around business... Be certified by a professional grading company, ” he says he not... Comics go for 72K 9.8 copies of New Mutants # 98 – the first Deadpool appearance – in official! On Amazon, has been in all kinds of media, making fanboys go.. Been responsible for perhaps Spidey ’ s first family was and always has been published since... Variants were a Thing travel nationwide to review comic collections spanning all comic.... Of Earth ’ s first family was and always has been driven by movies and TV.. Were printed in black and white his friends on a glider and looks like a valuable comic books auction! And CBCS graded price-guide values, ” he says but his sidekick Bucky too release that introduced MCU! To spend at least 567K for it if you know you have a large or collection! Comics to get it in a plastic case, known as a villain seldom gets respect... Common mistake is to list the wrong title based on words found on the site is also very... Which featured Soviet spies and flying bugs comics offers a shipping rebate will buy individual books. A pristine copy and you probably will have doubled or tripled your investment soon the record-setting was.

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